Sunday, March 4, 2012

so much more than march third.

as most of you know, yesterday was march third. but what most of you probably didn't realize is that it was a combination of two of my favorite fake holidays about two of my favorite things! and i bet you're dying to know what they are too. so, i'll tell you. being that the date yesterday was 3/03, my favorite band, 3OH!3, decided to dub it their holiday and have hourly specials which included shirts on sale for $3.03. and that made me incredibly happy. i bought two. and one glows in the dark. in addition to incredibly low priced t-shirts, they auctioned off several one of a kind items (such as shirts they've worn during concerts and their actual backstage passes for past events) and gave the proceeds to an epilepsy foundation in colorado, where they originated. i thought it was both clever and thoughtful of them to use march 3rd to benefit others as well as themselves.

also, disney made the first saturday in march platypus day. yes, i know that phineas and ferb isn't meant for people over the age of fourteen most likely but i don't care! i'm a child at heart and i will love phineas and ferb if i want to. so yes, yesterday i also celebrated the existence of perry the platypus. for those of you who do not know who perry the platypus is, he is the pet platypus of two step-brothers (phineas and ferb) from danville who is also a secret agent and wears a fedora (but only when he's doing secret agent things). how cool is that? he even has a nemesis, dr. doofenshmirtz. although perry is awesome, i did not buy any perry products. this was mostly because i already have a blanket, plush toy, hat, and a t-shirt. the real reason that i didn't buy anything was probably because disney wasn't having any special sales that i was aware of.

so overall, yesterday was pretty great. i celebrated two of my favorite things, listened to every 3OH!3 song i've ever heard of, had a fat badger from fat sandwich company, made dirt cake, and watched superstar with my best friends. for those of you poor souls who have yet to experience the wonders of 3OH!3phineas and ferb or perry the platypussuperstar, or fat sandwich, i invite you to click any of those links so you can begin to realize how great my day was. or, you know, how much of a dork i am. :] either way, enjoy! i know i did.

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