Tuesday, March 6, 2012

mission accomplished.

today was expected to be very stressful but turned out to be quite pleasant for reasons other than the amazing weather! today, i had an experimental psychology exam that i didn't feel prepared for and let me explain why.

first of all, teachers at Madison assign incomprehensible amounts of literature, in addition to class attendance and assignments, that is comprised of chapters from the textbook, news articles, podcasts, and more (i don't know if podcasts really count as literature but they're going in that category for now). and although i'd like to keep up with all of this literature, assignments come first because they are graded and the teacher will always know when you didn't do an assignment whereas they probably won't know if you don't do the readings. because of this, the assignments get done and the readings pile up until exam time where it becomes insurmountable. for some classes this is okay but in others the exams are half comprised of information from the book that wasn't even mentioned in lecture.

okay, so now that you understand that, i can explain why i was so stressed out for this exam. although i went to every lecture, discussion, and lab and did every assignment, i had not done the readings. to make matters worse, in order to catch up i'd have to read four chapters from the textbook and 50 pages from our course reader which adds up to over 120 pages total. do you think i could read that many pages over a weekend as well as do assignments for my five classes? hell no. so i started going over the study guide for the past two days instead of reading 120 pages. that, of course, made me nervous because she could ask for something in the exam that wasn't listed on the study guide but was in the readings. oh, and this exam was supposed to have a lot of statistics in it and i had taken a life sciences statistics course, not the psychology one. they are remarkably different, believe me. i filled in that study guide with every free moment i had monday and today. when it came to exam time i still didn't feel ready. i saw all the people cramming right before exams were handed out but i just sat there because i had accepted the fact that there was nothing more i could do. and it began. surprisingly enough, almost nothing that was on that study guide was directly on the exam. almost all of it was from lecture and i was so relieved that i could've cried. i mean, this still doesn't mean i did well; i tend to psych myself out (no pun intended) and change my original answer to a different one when my original answer was correct, unfortunately. but just knowing that i was 100% on some of the answers made me feel better.

but the REAL success of today was finding a replacement for my discontinued brand of chapstick. i bought four different brands and eight different flavors to try out before deciding on the winner. i bought soft lips, aquafina (evidently they make chapstick in addition to bottled water), chapstick, and eos. i knew from the beginning that i wasn't a fan of mint or cherry chapstick, no matter the brand, so i avoided that. but i discovered that there is only one brand that makes watermelon chapstick and it's lipsmackers. the problem with their watermelon chapstick is that it is both too thick and goes over the top with the flavor. it's gets to a point where it's actually a flavor and not a scent anymore. i tried every chapstick i bought and came to a solid conclusion. the winner is eos. followed closely by soft lips, then aquafina, and in last place, chapstick. eos has the proper texture and flavor in a creative container (it's egg shaped!). soft lips also had a good texture and flavor but the stick had a small diameter. aquafina's flavors were not very good and didn't really smell like the described flavor but the texture was very similar to that of soft lips. and lastly chapstick. it was WAY too thick. i felt like i had overloaded after barely putting any on. now the only decision left is honeysuckle honeydew or summer fruit? they're both really unique flavors that are not overbearing and are pleasant. so i'll use both! :]

now that i've thoroughly freaked everyone out by making such a huge deal out of choosing a chapstick, i think i'll do some research on the mere-exposure effect for the study i'm going to conduct in a few weeks or, you know, add life events to my facebook. :P

Sunday, March 4, 2012

so much more than march third.

as most of you know, yesterday was march third. but what most of you probably didn't realize is that it was a combination of two of my favorite fake holidays about two of my favorite things! and i bet you're dying to know what they are too. so, i'll tell you. being that the date yesterday was 3/03, my favorite band, 3OH!3, decided to dub it their holiday and have hourly specials which included shirts on sale for $3.03. and that made me incredibly happy. i bought two. and one glows in the dark. in addition to incredibly low priced t-shirts, they auctioned off several one of a kind items (such as shirts they've worn during concerts and their actual backstage passes for past events) and gave the proceeds to an epilepsy foundation in colorado, where they originated. i thought it was both clever and thoughtful of them to use march 3rd to benefit others as well as themselves.

also, disney made the first saturday in march platypus day. yes, i know that phineas and ferb isn't meant for people over the age of fourteen most likely but i don't care! i'm a child at heart and i will love phineas and ferb if i want to. so yes, yesterday i also celebrated the existence of perry the platypus. for those of you who do not know who perry the platypus is, he is the pet platypus of two step-brothers (phineas and ferb) from danville who is also a secret agent and wears a fedora (but only when he's doing secret agent things). how cool is that? he even has a nemesis, dr. doofenshmirtz. although perry is awesome, i did not buy any perry products. this was mostly because i already have a blanket, plush toy, hat, and a t-shirt. the real reason that i didn't buy anything was probably because disney wasn't having any special sales that i was aware of.

so overall, yesterday was pretty great. i celebrated two of my favorite things, listened to every 3OH!3 song i've ever heard of, had a fat badger from fat sandwich company, made dirt cake, and watched superstar with my best friends. for those of you poor souls who have yet to experience the wonders of 3OH!3phineas and ferb or perry the platypussuperstar, or fat sandwich, i invite you to click any of those links so you can begin to realize how great my day was. or, you know, how much of a dork i am. :] either way, enjoy! i know i did.


"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."

it just keeps going. no matter what.
and it will never stop.

one prime example i can think of is how people remember specifically where they were when certain events took place. this is also known as flashbulb memory. most older adults say they can remember exactly what they were doing when Kennedy was assassinated or when the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred. but for those of us in school we were forced to just continue our lives believing that whatever we were doing was the most important thing going on at that time and life just went on. no one took us aside and let us really understand that gravity of what had just happened. we were expected to do our homework and act like everything was fine. and i attribute the fact that i can't even remember what grade i was in properly to us being forced to just continue like it was just another day and nothing catastrophic had occurred. i just had to calculate it out and i was in fourth grade but for some reason i remember my sixth grade teacher telling our class what happened in about fifteen minutes and then going back to class. so there you go, i don't remember september 11th, 2001.

why do people do this to us? we all need a proper mourning period. THEN we can get on with our lives and try to keep busy; not seconds after the fact. it's hard enough trying to deal with the situation without everything going on like one second isn't any different from the last. but that's the thing. one second really isn't any different from the last one that took place or the next one to take place. one person's world could be ending and another just beginning but to the universe it means nothing. 

and time just keeps going.


since 2007 (my sophomore year of high school) i have been using the exact same brand and flavor of chapstick. rainfresh crazy flavors watermelon lip balm. i recently discovered that the store that sold it has discontinued all of their chapstick. i was heart broken. actually, i still am because i just found out this past weekend. and i know it may not seem like a big deal. "oh man. you have to change your chapstick brand. big whoop." but it kind of became a staple of my daily life. in high school i'd be in class, use my chapstick and you'd hear, "ooh, who has watermelon *insert lotion, gum, hand sanitizer or other scented object here*?" and one of my best friends would turn to me because they knew i had just used my chapstick. i'd smile and they'd respond, "no, that's just allison's chapstick!"  it's just something that i'm kind of known for; always having watermelon chapstick. i use no other kind and always have it on me. i realized about a month ago that i have strategically placed watermelon chapstick throughout my life so that whether i'm at my desk, in my bed, going to class, or just out for fun, i have watermelon chapstick at the ready. for example, there's one in my backpack, my makeup bag on my desk, my purse, and on the mini-fridge next to my bed. i am completely surrounded but my supply is dwindling. obviously i'm going to have to find another brand and possibly flavor of chapstick to replace my old faithful one that has been at my side through thick and thin! so i am now i am on a mission to discover the next best thing to my precious watermelon chapstick.

and just in case this post hadn't led you to this conclusion, i don't like change unless/until i realize it may lead to something better.