Sunday, March 4, 2012


since 2007 (my sophomore year of high school) i have been using the exact same brand and flavor of chapstick. rainfresh crazy flavors watermelon lip balm. i recently discovered that the store that sold it has discontinued all of their chapstick. i was heart broken. actually, i still am because i just found out this past weekend. and i know it may not seem like a big deal. "oh man. you have to change your chapstick brand. big whoop." but it kind of became a staple of my daily life. in high school i'd be in class, use my chapstick and you'd hear, "ooh, who has watermelon *insert lotion, gum, hand sanitizer or other scented object here*?" and one of my best friends would turn to me because they knew i had just used my chapstick. i'd smile and they'd respond, "no, that's just allison's chapstick!"  it's just something that i'm kind of known for; always having watermelon chapstick. i use no other kind and always have it on me. i realized about a month ago that i have strategically placed watermelon chapstick throughout my life so that whether i'm at my desk, in my bed, going to class, or just out for fun, i have watermelon chapstick at the ready. for example, there's one in my backpack, my makeup bag on my desk, my purse, and on the mini-fridge next to my bed. i am completely surrounded but my supply is dwindling. obviously i'm going to have to find another brand and possibly flavor of chapstick to replace my old faithful one that has been at my side through thick and thin! so i am now i am on a mission to discover the next best thing to my precious watermelon chapstick.

and just in case this post hadn't led you to this conclusion, i don't like change unless/until i realize it may lead to something better.

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