Wednesday, January 18, 2012


books i want to read this summer:
  • incognito- david eagleman
  • twilight- stephenie meyer.
  • new moon- stephenie meyer.
  • eclipse- stephenie meyer.
  • breaking dawn- stephenie meyer.
  • birdman- mo hayder.
  • the treatment- mo hayder.
  • ritual- mo hayder.
  • skin- mo hayder.
  • gone- mo hayder.
  • the devil of nanking- mo hayder.
  • pig island- mo hayder.
  • hanging hill- mo hayder.
  • the hunger games-suzanne collins.
  • catching fire-suzanne collins.
  • mockingjay-suzanne collins.
  • the definitive book of body language.
  • the poor man's polygraph.
  • psychological narrative analysis: a professional method to detect deception in verbal and oral communications.
  • catch a liar.
  • instant persuasian: how to change your words to change your life.
if you have any suggestions, let me know!

the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

we all know that there are different levels of truth telling. whether it be telling half-truths or just telling a "little white lie" to preserve someone's feelings. where do we draw the line?

i do about everything i can to be as honest as i can with everyone. if you ask me anything, i'll most likely be honest with you. whether or not you take my response as honesty is up to you. when i talk, just about everything could come off as sarcastic, but that's just the speech pattern.

but anyways, if someone asks you how something looks on them are you going to tell them that it looks good no matter what? i used to do that. but then i realized that if i ask someone that question, i want a complete and honest answer. i don't want to go out looking a mess because no one told me what i was wearing made me look fat. who wants to go out looking like the pillsbury dough boy trying to fit into jeans/a dress/ a shirt that's two sizes too small? if i ask someone a question, i want the honest answer. i'm not asking you something with the idea that you're going to lie to me and tell me what you think i want to hear. what would be the point of that? exactly, there isn't one.